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ACC - Airsoft Contractors Clube (Locate on the map »)

The history of our birth

We are pleased present the CONTRACTORS CLUB (ACC - Airsoft Contractors Club) born of the evolution of LSC21 team - Linha de Sintra Contractors Team 21 founded on September 01, 2013, like many other teams of our country, being formed of an idea that came true when Luís Sintra (Team Leader and Founder), decided to gather a group of friends not Airsoft practitioners and make a team that could be a good example of airsoft practice that it could apply its philosophy of play and make a different team to what is customary in our Airsoft universe.

During two months the team remained "hidden" community eye in order to insert new practitioners in the sport and in order to protect ourselves early dislikes. Already with 4-5 elements the team was on track for evolution, then decided to bring an added value to our group as "Sergeant Instruction", in which the team would not be complete without his presence. A friend and comrade of our Team Leader, Faróia Alves was thus called the ranks to assist in the training of the team.

And so with the experience of two players known in the world of airsoft ("Two Legends ArFofo"), they found that they could reset or deploy the most important rules have long since forgotten.

As a team, our goal is to transpose into the game the same attitude we have towards life, duty of comradeship, honor the game, organization, respect for opponents and foremost socializing and fun between team members and the community. We are not a team with stringent goals in terms of uniforms (hence the name "Contractor"), nor the level of military requirement, but more geared towards the motto of free spirit of "PMC", be it in terms of uniforms as in recruits . The Recruit LSContractor want to welcome and initiate new practitioners in the sport and thus form and help the best way to have more and more players of good character and with better attitudes and gaming environment.

With a YEAR after having founded the LSContractors team through a healthy evolution and willing to do something for the community and make it known that the Airsoft in Portugal is growing and here to stay we decided to bet on the DRAFT inscribe us on IPDJ as ACC - Contractors Airsoft Club thus being officially recognized as a Paraticantes Club Airsoft and not be just another team in the community

"If the odds are AGAINST US,let´s fight them ...and the LAST ONE to DIE pays the BEERS."

"Many men are the height of his life,
the tremendous difficulties they had to overcome. "

Country: Portugal

Website: http://contractors.comunidades.n...

Type: Team

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