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ASA AirSoft Arena (Locate on the map »)

Are you ready to run, crawl, and sneak with a weapon in your hands? Will your hand not shake both when you have time to aim and at point shooting? Are you not afraid to take a plastic bullet from an enemy while helping your friend? Do you like taking risks and thinking tactically? Do you like the taste of victory? Will you not burst into tears at the defeat? Then you have to come to us to Airsoft Arena! Here you will get all this in full and even more... just you and the surrounding reality, no sissy snivelling! Be bold and active ... and check if it is true about you! You might consider yourself a deadhead and you think it is not for you, then surprise yourself, down with clich├ęs ... just try it, you will not regret for sure.

Country: Suomi


Available Operations : Edit datas - Request destruction of this mark