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BorderWar 7.1 Advanced Warfare I: OP Emerging Hope (Locate on the map »)

About the event:
Advanced warfare is a final chapter of BW7 which is based upon the
direct result of the event. There for the scenario information is coming
a bit last moment.

OP Emerging hope is an open game scenario. Everybody is welcomed to join.
Price: Event price is 35 Euro. Ticket does not include food.
Date: June 12-14

Game start: Friday 22:00 – Game On. Game End – Sunday 12:00 p.m. lunch time.

Merchandise: BW7 merchandise with color adaptations and unique memorabilia patch. Patch – 5 Euro

Game sides will have fixed bases of deployment

Maximal amount of players is 300


Based on the recent development of Operation Skylance…

Country: Czech Republic


Available Operations : Edit datas - Request destruction of this mark